CMU TEBA Slack Group

Welcome to the public landing page for the CMU TEBA Slack Group. Our group is a safe space for CMU alumni in the Bay Area who are interested in technology/entreprenuership to chat and support each other.

This Slack community is supported by CMU TEBA (CMU Tech & Entrepreneurship in the Bay Area) and is independent of and not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University.

Who's invited?

You are welcome to join CMU TEBA Slack if you are a CMU alumnus in the Bay Area interested in technology or entrepreneurship.

The Rules

CMU TEBA Community Code of Conduct


To request an invite, please complete our Google Form.


Slack chat spaces are divided into rooms called “channels”, and we have many set up. There are several you’ll be in by default:

  • #announcements: Important announcements and updates to the community
  • #community-feedback: Feedback and ideas for improving the CMU community
  • #cmu-news: For sharing news about CMU and what impacts us
  • #events: Discuss upcoming events in the community
  • #intros: A place to introduce yourself

All other channels are opt-in.


The contents of this landing page are derived from the “Engineering Managers” Slack group landing page.

This landing page is built using the Single Paged Jekyll Template.

Source code is available in Github. Pull requests and issues welcome.